Linx-Go Ahead-LP-1981-D2H

Download Linx-Go_Ahead-LP-1981-D2H Free
Artist: Linx
Title of Album: Go Ahead
Genre: Soul
Year of Release: 1981
Tracks: 9
Total Time: 41 minutes and 25 seconds
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 241 Kbps
Total Size: 72.82 MB

The Vogs-A Change Is Coming-WEB-2018-ENRAGED

Download The_Vogs-A_Change_Is_Coming-WEB-2018-ENRAGED Free
Artist: The Vogs
Title of Album: A Change Is Coming
Genre: Soul
Year of Release: 2018
Tracks: 12
Total Time: 42 minutes and 4 seconds
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Total Size: 96.36 MB

War-Why Cant We Be Friends-1975-IGR

Download War-Why_Cant_We_Be_Friends-1975-IGR Free
Artist: War
Title of Album: Why Can’t We Be Friends
Genre: Soul
Year of Release: 1975
Tracks: 9
Total Time: 44 minutes and 42 seconds
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Total Size: 61.37 MB

VA-The Sound Of Philadelphia Live-CD-FLAC-1990-THEVOiD

Download VA-The_Sound_Of_Philadelphia_Live-CD-FLAC-1990-THEVOiD Free
Artist: Three Degrees, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Billy Paul & The Sound Of Philadelphia
Title of Album: The Sound Of Philadelphia Live
Genre: Soul
Year of Release: 1990
Tracks: 13
Total Time: 1 hour and 12 minutes
Format: FLAC
Bitrate: 951 Kbps
Total Size: 485.11 MB

Champaign-Champaign IV-CD-FLAC-1990-THEVOiD

Download Champaign-Champaign_IV-CD-FLAC-1990-THEVOiD Free
Artist: Champaign
Title of Album: Champaign IV
Genre: Soul
Year of Release: 1990
Tracks: 10
Total Time: 44 minutes and 2 seconds
Format: FLAC
Bitrate: 758 Kbps
Total Size: 238.84 MB