Thai-From Where I Began-WEB-2012-ESG

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Artist: Thai
Title of Album: From Where I Began
Genre: Rap
Year of Release: 2012
Tracks: 13
Total Time: 51 minutes and 41 seconds
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Total Size: 118.29 MB

# Song Title Artist Time
01 Set It Off Thai 3:49
02 No Way Out (feat. Mac G) Thai 3:11
03 Find Me Where the Money At (feat. Band Aide & Scoot) Thai 4:50
04 Tell Me the Truth (feat. Steve Knight) Thai 4:00
05 I Just Wanna (feat. Cam Gee Q Thai 4:34
06 Palm of My Hands (feat. Liz Stefano) Thai 4:22
07 Burners On (feat. Cam and Nitt Thai 4:01
08 From Where I Began (feat. Steve Knight) Thai 3:35
09 Drop It (feat. Jackie Chain an Thai 4:32
10 Passion (feat. V8) Thai 3:46
11 Stuck in the Hood (feat. Mistah Fab & Blast Holiday) Thai 4:05
12 Dope Game Thai 3:43
13 Midnight Bluez (feat. Steve Knight) Thai 3:13

Release: Thai-From_Where_I_Began-WEB-2012-ESG

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